Review of the ALCAT Food Intolerance Testing

October 28, 2010

Wild Card show: I’m sharing my final thoughts about the ALCAT food intolerance Test.

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RATING: 3 Hair Tosses out of 5

ALCAT CONS: The ALCAT test is incredibly expensive. It can cost up to $1,100 dollars. For this amount of money, they should test for even more foods than they do. For instance, I react to Olive Oil, but it wasn’t tested for. Bummer. Also, you can get false positives with food intolerance testing if you’re A ) either eating the food too much, or B) you’ve never eaten it, so the body sees it as a foreign object.  For instance, it says I’m intolerant to rice and chicken…but I don’t have any physical reaction to it….so I’d have to re-test it to make sure.  I wish they sold the test as a package, such as, for a discounted price we could test now and again in 6 months.

ALCAT PROS: It can really help you nail down the last few issues with food you’re having. For instance, it confirmed that I was having issues with chemicals, cow’s milk, grape seed oil, rosemary, beets, dates, and sunflower seeds/oil. I couldn’t figure out a few of these sneaky ingredients that are used a lot in gluten free foods. So for this, I’m incredibly grateful. By cutting these out, my stomach has been soooo much happier, and my eczema seems to have been caused by grape seed extract. And so, was it worth it? For me, yes. However, I cringe thinking of how much money I spent to do it. And I as much as I’d like to re-test…it’s still up in the air.