Kids GF Cookbook

April 25, 2011

About this Episode: Gabrielle, author of The Kitchen Classroom, dishes about how the gluten free diet helped her son, George, who lives with autism. After Gabrielle found that cooking gluten free with George was an incredible tool for learning on so many levels, she wrote this awesome cookbook! The Kitchen Classroom is full of colorful and delicious recipes for kids to learn how to cook gluten free! The steps are extremely clear and fun to follow. There are lots of picture and 4 levels of GF recipes so that your kids can begin with the easy recipes and gain confidence as they work towards the more challenging ones. This book is fabulous for any parent that wants to pass on the joy of cooking gluten free to their child! For more about Gabrielle and all the wonderful gluten free/advocacy work she does for the autism community, please visit her blog, Kitchen Classroom for 4 Kids.