Essentail Oils

Hi friends. :) Have you ever used essential oils? Check this, you really do come in contact with essential oils every day, just not therapeutic grade ones. How about that cedarwood and vanilla candle in your home? Or that eye mask that smells of lavender? Or the lemon smell in your cleaning supplies? You are smelling in the essence of plants ALL the time throughout your day in every day products, you are just getting the processed, watered down version of them with chemicals added. Yeah, gross, lol.

Essential Oils have truly rocked my world. Here’s why I started using them…gluten had been a toxic substance to my body and I when I was rid of it and started living gluten free, I started thinking about…”what else is toxic to my body? What else is keeping my body from working as it was intended to? What about cleaning supplies? What about toxins in my laundry detergent? What about the junk in my kids drinks?” So, to keep it simple, I started testing out and using Young Living products almost 2 years ago. And I was SO impressed. I started using their non-toxic cleaners in my home, their non-toxic laundry detergent for our clothes, their gluten free Ningxia RED anti-oxidant drink daily for myself and my kids (my 3 years drinks it as his juice!). I also started using Young Living’s essential oils- they have been a huge blessing as a mom. I use them for my son’s owies, for when Jude wakes up at 2 AM with the sniffles aaaaand for emotional support for mom. ;)  So here I am, after testing and using these products for almost 2 years- I’m ready to share them with YOU. So, let’s talk about you. Are you curious about essential oils? Here’s everything you need to know…


What exactly are essential oils?

Are we talking about motor oil? Baby Oil? Let’s take 2 minutes to get the answer straight from Young Living…


Why would you use essential oils?

  1.  Support Emotional Balance: Essential oils can have a calming and grounding effects on your emotions. I LOVE THEM for this. I started using Frankincense every morning and night, I can 100% tell that I’m not “reactive” anymore during the chaos of life. YAY. #notimeofrcrazytown
  2. Immune Support: Essential oils can help boost your immune system. For example, we have an essential oil called “Thieves” that is awesome for this. Also, our Ningxia Red is a drink infused with essential oils and anti-oxidants.Anti-oxidants are a MUST in our diet, they destroys free radicals in your body. Check this- my friend Leslie, her kids have not been to the Dr for a sick visit ONCE since starting to use oils and Ningxia for their immune system.
  3. Non-Toxic cleaning: Do you know how many harmful chemicals are lurking around your home and finding their way into your lungs? Not cool. Instead, you can use essential oils and Young Living’s “Thieves” all purpose cleaner for all your cleaning needs. No lie, I’d had my Thieves cleaner for 10 months and because it’s concentrated, I’ve only had to buy ONE bottle. Cost effective AND powerful. YES!

How would you use your oils?



My own life has been changed by using these products. I’m healthier and my whole family is healthier. I don’t go a day without them. My 3 year old has some sensory issues and these oils have been such a gift in helping him. Before oils, I was a stressed out mom with a sweet son who could not handle transitions, woke up screaming all the time, and had high anxiety. But, after going to an “essential oils and the brain” class that my team had, I implemented the suggested oils and the difference I’ve seen in my son have been nothing short of amazing for our family. What about you? What issues are you struggling with that you would really use some additional help with?

What’s Next? If you’d like to grab our essential oil starter kit (everything you see in this picture comes in the starter kit, including an awesome diffuser, Ningxia samples and the 11 most commonly used oils. It’s a value of $300 (a literal $300 in products when bought retail from Young Living), but when you click HERE to get your wholesale membership, the cost will be nice surprise of just $160. It’s a STEAL! The wholesale membership gets you 24% off all the products for the lifetime of your account. PS- it’s called a “membership” – but you are committed to NOTHING- just getting what you want, when you want it- at a discount. :) We do have an essential rewards program too- it gets to FREE points each month (to get oils or any of Young Living’s products) when you place your essential rewards order. Plus, if you ever want to share your oils down the road with friends or co-workers (I’m a huge supporter of female entrepreneurs looking to add an extra $3,000-$15,000 to their household income with this business), you will get a profit as a “thank you” from Young Living for sharing the love. Maybe you don’t need any extra income, maybe you just want to use the oils, that’s awesome too!! PS- you can easily skip signing up for essential rewards when you get your starter kit.17150272899_76fd928e2f_z

So, what happens once you sign up to get your starter kit? Everyone on my team is added to a facebook group (if that’s of interest to you) where I share all sorts of oil tips. I’ll friend you on facebook so you message me anytime. Plus, I send out a bi-monthly email with tips on how to use your oils. And lastly, you will be checked on monthly by phone or email (you choose) to make sure that you are getting all your questions answered and your needs are met. I want to know how I can help you get healthier in 2016.




For those who are getting started with oils WATCH THIS QUICK VIDEO BELOW ON HOW TO EASILY GET GO THROUGH THE CHECK OUT PROCESS AND THEN CLICK THIS LINK TO GET YOUR OILS ON YOUR DOOR STEP! Your SHIPPING cost will be refunded after your order is placed.  I would recommend ordering the premium starter kit and adding on 2 bottles of Ningxia Red (since I’m paying for your shipping- get those heavy liquid gold bottles of Ningxia! This will allow to try all the oils and their powerhouse gluten free anti-oxident drink. It’s what I did and it’s the best way to get started! Have any questions? Leave comment below or email me!


Thanks so much for stopping by! I’d be honored to have you JOIN ME. My team is all about having fun, learning, educating, sharing, helping each other and encouraging those who want to rise up as leaders.  I’m here to see what your needs are help you meet them. So, no matter if you are looking for emotional support, immune support, more energy, sleep support, hormonal support or to get toxins out of your home, there is a place for you here. Looking forward to walking this journey with you. :)

Lauren Lucille Vasser




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