FDA and Gluten Free Labeling

After the Show Thoughts: Here’s a quick wrap up:
* Currently there is no FDA regulation when it comes to labeling a food “gluten free.”
* Thanks to 1in133.org, the FDA is currently formulating what that regulation will be, yay.
* The FDA is currently in a “commenting period” where we can comment on their proposal.
* They are proposing that 20PPM be the standard for a product to be labeled “gluten free.”
* They are also considering an “option 6,” which would mean we would have 2 different standards: “gluten free” and “low gluten.”
* It’s important for us to request that the FDA revisit the regulation as testing and studies improve/evolve.
* For more info: check out the FDA’s Q & A or 1in133.org’s FAQ

* Where do you come in? You can:
A) submit your comments to www.regulations.gov
*Choose “Submit a Comment” from the top task bar
*Enter the docket number FDA-2005-N-0404 in the “Keyword” space and hit “search.”
B) If you’d like to add your name to 1in133.org pre-written letter, please click here.

So how do you feel about the proposal?