Support Gluten Free Food Labeling Efforts - Support Gluten-Free Food Labeling

April 4, 2011

Episode 69: From NYC, I’m Interviewing John Forberger of Oxford Communications, who is representing about his collaboration with Jules from Jules Gluten Free to encourage the FDA to finalize GF labeling standards!

More Info: As of right now, there are no formal FDA gluten free labeling standards. What that means is that any company can call a product gluten free, no matter if it’s gluten free or not. Too many people have gotten sick due to products claiming to be gluten free, that aren’t. We aren’t saying that all companies are doing this. There are so many AMAZING companies with integrity who really grasp what gluten free means, and we are SO thankful for you! But this topic is SO important so that we, as a gluten free community, can shop and enjoy all GF foods without any fear of gluten contamination. Please help us encourage the FDA to finalize GF labeling standards. Let’s do this!