Documentary on Celiac Disease

August 19,2010

A Review of the Generation Gluten Free Documentary DVD by Susan Cohen

Tinsley’s (Celiebo) Video’s about living with Celiac Disease

Rating: No Hair Toss rating today, just raising awareness. This DVD is a laid back documentary about the gluten free world, from years ago to now, with points of view shared from restaurant owners, celiac support groups, chefs, a set of parents, and gluten free businesses.  I don’t recommend it for those seeking a guide to celiac disease and how to handle it, or for friends or family seeking to learn about living with Celiac Disease. But I do think it’s a decent, affordable option ($4.50)  for Gluten Intolerance Groups or Celiac support groups, creating some nice discussion about the history of the gluten free world and how far we’ve come.