#GFSquad Love Letter + Udi’s Contest

Valetine’s Day is right around the corner. So, as a part of Udi’s #GFSqaud campaign, I have the joy of sharing a letter to someone who has been supportive of my gluten free journey: my main squeeze, my boo, my babydaddy, my hunny bunny, my love muffin! AKA- Carl. ;) Do I embarrass my sweetness when I call him those names? YUP!  LOL! But he secretly loves it. ;)

Okay, so I’ll be honest with you, when we were trying to find out what was wrong with me years ago, it was SO tough on our relationship. I was seeking answers for my deteriorating health and was desperate for answers as I watched my body fall apart. It was terrifying. And he had to stand by and cook our food, wash our clothes and take care of me on every level. Being a care taker isn’t easy, it’s brutal… it wears on a person. Day after day. Carl (my man) did this for 5 years. And no one really knew how bad it was. Isn’t that often the case? That no one really knows what’s going on in your home unless you tell them? Unless you open up and share what you’re walking through. And I didn’t. I was scared because I didn’t know what was wrong with me.. and I had NO clue what to really tell people. I was so sick and yet I looked normal on the outside. Autoimmune diseases are SO weird. During the journey, there was a lot of heartache, hope, hope lost, trials, pain and frustration. And while it felt we were grasping at sand for answers, he stayed by my side. And then one day… after 5 years of excruciating pain and 85 doctors from NYC to TX, someone told me I had celiac disease. It was miracle. And JUST LIKE THAT… our world changed in an instant. I started eating gluten free and my husband slowly started getting back the woman he’d first met (fabulous, amazing MEEE ;). ) And we were given the gift of unfolding a new love story for the second time. A story of healing, of redemption. He has been by my side every step of the way. And wow, I am so grateful. Love you, Carl.




So what about you? Who has been there every step of the way for you? If you have an Instagram account, Udi’s is encouraging us to love on those who have supported us by hosting a contest! Post a pic of you, and your loved one (friend, daughter, mom, husband, wife, anyone who has been there for you!), ON INSTAGRAM for a chance to win some HUGE prizes. Details are as follows:

Udi’s #GFsquad Instagram Contest Participation Instructions: 

  • To participate in the #GFSquad contest with Udi’s, share a photo of your gluten-free supporter on Instagram with a short description of how this person has supported you during your gluten-free journey.
  • This contest will run 2/1-2/19
  • In your post, tag Udi’s (@udisglutenfree) and include #GFsquad
  • What can you win? One (1) First Prize: $500.00 VISA® gift card. One (1) Second Prize: $400 VISA® gift card. Four (4) Third Prizes: $250 VISA® gift card. Total Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) all prizes: $1,900.00.
  • FIND ALL THE RULES HERE: http://udisglutenfree.com/gfsquad-rules/
  • Winners will be notified on or about February 19, 2016. Each winner will be notified via Instagram comment and will have three (3) days to respond via the e-mail address provided with their name, mailing address for prize shipment, email address and telephone number.

Thanks so much for stopping by! :)


Lauren Lucille Vasser




“The Celiac Diva”

*Disclosure: I am being compensated for promoting Udi’s @GFSquad campaign. However, all opinions are my own!! Plus I love Udi’s. For rizzle.