Gluten Free Cookies

Gluten Free Cookies

by Kara- From the Diva Team

Get your sweet tooth ready, because this gluten free cookie list is gonna make your mouth water for some gluten free goodness. August is all about gluten free cookies that are easy to buy and yummy to eat. Unbutton your jeans to make room for some sweetness headed your way!

Gluten Free-Licious - These cakes and cookie doughs (you get to make them in your own oven) are AMAZING and certified gluten free. These treats are for the person who desperately wants cookies that taste just as good…well… much much better…. than the cookies they used to eat in their gluten eating days. You honestly will NOT be able to tell the difference. It’s impressive. If you don’t mind a short pause for shipping, these cookies and cakes are just for you… and worth the wait. For REAL.

Just Ask Josh- These certified gluten free, all natural chocolate chips cookies are awesome, not only because they are moist and yummy, but because they don’t come as cookies, they also come as dough. So they are perfect for those who love to have dough on hand to enjoy your cookies right out of the oven… in 20 minutes. **COUPON FOR 25% off your order!!** Use code: JAJDIVA25off (valid until 10/6/13)

Schar Chocolate-dipped cookies – Get your fingers ready, cause these are finger-lickin’ good! The perfect combination of a crisp cookie dipped in dark chocolate. It will be hard to stop with just one. This particular cookie would be better saved for an at-home treat, as the chocolate may melt in the heat.

Glutino Vanilla Crème – The package doesn’t lie when it states “Gluten Free Dream Cookies,” because these cookies are a dream! You won’t even know gluten free hit you when you bite into this cream-filled bundle of joy. These cookies are great for just about anyone. They hold up well in lunches, work great for dipping into milk or coffee, and will give you that perfect amount of crunch and smooth cream. This makes up for my Oreo cravings and leaves me and my family completely satisfied!

Glutino Lemon Wafers If you’re looking for something a little lighter with a kick of tang, these lemon wafers should be your go-to. Crispy rice wafers layered with a hint of lemon cream are delectable.


Kinni-Kritters – For animal cracker fans and even those who don’t care for traditional animal crackers, these cookies are for you! These crunchy, sweet, fun, animal-shaped cookies rock the house and come in 3 different flavors: regular, graham style, and chocolate! KinniKritters have become a gluten free favorite for churches and childcare facilities as well, b/c they have a great shelf life and come at a great price. I’ve personally used these cookies crumbled up with a little butter to make a great pie crust, especially when you’re in a rush. Great buy and not only are they gluten free, but also casein, egg and trans fat free as well!

S’moreables Graham Style Crackers To all you s’mores lovers out there, we’ve found a jewel that will bring back your marshmallow roasting days. Not quite as crunchy as graham crackers, these remind me more of a cookie than a cracker, which is why I added it to our list of cookies to try. Grab your roasters and head out to the campfire this summer with these graham style favorites.

Immaculate Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough – Looking for that homemade taste without the mess and time is takes to mix all the ingredients together? This is most definitely the cookie for you. Wowee, these will make you feel like an oasis has just erupted within the confines of your mouth. You can simply place the dough directly onto your cookie sheet for 12 jumbo cookies, or cut them into smaller portions to extend the happiness even longer. No gluten, dairy, artificial flavors, trans fat or high fructose corn syrup are used to make these naturally delicious cookies, so head to your refrigerated section of your grocer and look for them today!

Enjoy Life Soft-Baked Cookies – To “enjoy life” a little more, bite into one of the moistest gluten free cookies I’ve found on the market. These amazing little nuggets of flavor offer 4 great tasting options to tickle your fancy! Choose between chocolate chip, double chocolate brownie, snickerdoodle, and gingerbread spice. Several different flavor-filled tastes that will just about melt in your mouth. They are perfect for younger children that might need a softer cookie as they’re learning how to chew, but older kids and adults will enjoy them just the same. The shelf life is fantastic and Enjoy life is free of gluten, wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish, so their allergy friendly cookies should be safe for most everyone.

Schar Shortbread Cookies – For those simple, yet tasty cookies that so many of us love, Schar has the recipe for you. This cookie is great for those who like a simple crunch, filled with the same flavor as a homemade shortbread cookie. These cookies are perfect just as they are, but you can also add some pizazz with lemon curd, nutella, or other fillings topped with sifted powdered sugar to make the perfect treat for dinner guests or parties. This preservative free product also contains no gluten, wheat or lactose. A treat you’re sure to enjoy.


Enjoy sampling these cookies and let us know what else you have found out there that you enjoy! Happy Eating!

Kara (Diva Team)