Custom Choice GF Cereal

November 1, 2010

It a Gluten Free Review of Custom Choice Cereal

Rating: 4 hair tosses out of 5

PROS- This company is amazing, you can trust that every ingredient you munch on is safe and that your product is handled with great care. No worrying about cross-contamination! And they have organic options, FAB! The bottom line is that you get to be in the driver’s seat about everything from the price to the name. Beautiful. PS-I also think this would also be an awesome gift for your favorite gluten free chick or dude.

CONS-  I know I’m being picky here, but I also know that others out there may hope for the same option. So, since I do eat a lot of grain free options (along with many other Celiac buddies), I think it would rock my world to have some grain free cereal bases. Maybe an aramanth granola base or something along those lines? And I have no doubt that Custom Cereal will continue to rock it out. And who knows? Maybe this time next year, I’ll be munching on some grain free custom cereal…with the name “The Celiac Diva” on it.  Fabulous. =)