Gluten Free Doughnuts

5 Ways to Grab Your Gluten Free Doughnuts:

  • ┬áBabycakes Doughnuts:To have these famous gluten free/vegan doughnuts shipped to you, yay, click here. I thought these doughnuts were really sweet and worth the trip to the lower east side to chomp on one. The texture was similar to cake and extremely fresh. It was SO DELICIOUS!! I think ordering these doughnuts would be a huge treat or gift for a birthday or special occasion.
  • If you are adventurous and want to make the Babycakes doughnuts yourself, you can click on this link to order the cookbook.
  • Glutino Doughnuts: They carry a glazed original doughnut & glazed chocolate flavor that can be found in the frozen food section. If you like dense, sweet cake textured doughnuts, these are all you.
  • Kinnikinnick Doughnuts: If you are gluten free and dairy/casein free, this is a great option for you. The flavors come in: Pumpkin spice, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon sugar and maple glazed.
  • Silvana Nardone’s Banana Doughnut Recipe: I had the pleasure or meeting the talented Silvana Nardone and tasting a bite of her GF/DF doughnuts at the gluten free expo about 6 months ago and I was impressed- yummers.

I think the challenge with most gluten free doughnuts is that they are dense, not as light and fluffy as their gluten containing counterparts. However, I truly believe that one of these 5 options will turn out to be a great fit for you, or your young ones, when craving a doughnut . I just LOVE how the gluten free world is expanding more each day…we are becoming a community of options, not limitations. ;)

Okay, so dish it, do you have a favorite GF doughnut brand or recipe?