Gluten Free Headache Medicine

Gluten Free Headache Medicines

With the headaches away, there’s more time for play! This month we’ll be dishing out gluten free headache medicines that are safe for you to use. As a headache sufferer myself, I know how difficult it can be to maintain a normalcy in your day. When you have to worry about the content of gluten in your medicine to top it off, it just makes for an even bigger headache. We’re here to help reduce the effects of both of these problems, so read on if you’re in need of some peace of mind! -Kara (Diva Team)


Anacin – The Anacin rep insured me that the entire line of Anacin products are free of gluten! YAY!


Bayer Migraine No added gluten in this formula that is designated for migraine sufferers, but they cannot guarantee a gluten free status after manufacturing the product.


BC – If pills are hard for you to swallow, then you’ll want to chew on this pain reliever in powder form. It does not contain gluten according to the BC rep.


Goody’s Another powder option, Goody’s extra strength medicine provides fast relief and has no added gluten or wheat in their product. It is however not tested to be 100% gluten free at the end of production.

Aleve – One of my personal favorites for headaches, body aches, and pains, I was relieved to hear that Bayer does not physically add gluten to their line of Aleve products. The rep did add that they cannot guarantee that it is gluten free since it is manufactured and packaged in facilities containing wheat.

Advil Ibuprofen – Although the Ibuprofen tablets are gluten free and have no chance for cross contamination, they are not certified gluten free according the rep, since final testing is not completed. You will need to be very careful though as you choose your Advil products, because Advil LiquiGels, Advil Migraine, and other Advil products could potentially contain wheat. Stick with the ibuprofen tablets and you should be safe.

CVS Ibuprofen – This particular product does not contain gluten. I also received a great tip from the CVS rep to identify their gluten free medicines. Any CVS manufactured products do not contain gluten if there is a stamp on the box or neck of the bottle that starts with a “P” followed by 5 numbers. Good to know!

Tylenol extra strength acetaminophen – Gluten is not included, but Tylenol does not test their final product, so they cannot guarantee that there is no cross contamination.