Gluten Free Ice Cream

7 Gluten Free Ice Creams

“Gluten Free Ice Cream! Icy, creamy ice cream, cold and sweet, icy, creamy ice cream, can’t be beat.” Especially can’t be beat when it’s a treat that you can eat without the fear of gluten contaminates. Grab you a bowl and spoon, and get ready to scoop out your favorites as we dish about which brands are safe for you!


20140823_094637Fruttare With these frozen fruit and milk or frozen fruit and juice bars, you’re in for a refreshing uplifting experience either way. According to Fruttare, if any gluten or other allergens are present, they are clearly listed inside the ingredients statement on the box. It will state that gluten ingredients such as wheat flour, rye, barley, oats, malt, or malt powder (barley based ingredient) will be clearly labeled. Can’t beat clear labeling!

GFicecreamBreyers: They have OVER 30 BRANDE NEW gluten free ice creams for you to choose from! They range from Vanilla to Banan Split, YUM.


hdr-logo-EEdy’s Ice Cream: Edy’s ice cream is creamy and delicious. They have quite a few flavors to choose from. Our friend, Taylor from Gluten Away, did a great list of which ones of Edy’s ice creams are gluten free!


20140823_094446Outshine –  Made with simple, honest ingredients, Outshine bars bring fruits and veggies to you in an all new way. With fruit flavors such as grape, lemon, pomegranate and  lime, paired with fruit and veggie combos such as tangerine carrot, apple and greens, or strawberry rhubarb, these bars will outshine ice cream options with their refreshing varieties. According to the Consumer Response Representative, Outshine fruit bars do no contain gluten ingredients.

20140823_094435Chloe’s: With this great alternative to ice cream, you’ll never know you’re missing a thing. Check out what Chloe’s claims about their products: “Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit™ is unlike any other frozen treat out there. Made from only 3 ingredients: real fruit, water, and a touch of organic cane sugar, Soft Serve Fruit is free of dairy, gluten, fat, and all 8 major allergens. It is Kosher Pareve and less than 90 calories in a 3.5 oz serving. With Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit, you can enjoy all of the health benefits and essential nutrients of the fruit, without the guilt! You must explore our growing number of seasonal varieties of Soft Serve Fruit. We currently offer Soft Serve Fruit in thirteen fruit varieties, all made from quality, wholesome ingredients that you recognize and can pronounce.” Sounds to me like you can’t go wrong with this icy treat.

20140823_094208So Delicious Offering so many great choices, this is one of my favorites to bring to you! So Delicious has options for many allergen types and it is all clearly labeled on their products. Plus, their website offers a FANTASTIC allergen guide to every single product to insure that you are staying safe with each choice you make. With so many great flavors that are safe for you to choose from, you might find it hard to pick just one. Enjoy these icy, creamy treats free of worries, because after all, they are SO DELICIOUS!

20140823_094234Almond Dream – Between the Almond Dream flavors and the Rice Dream flavors, you’re sure to find the perfect ice cream that you can dream about for days. With Non-Dairy, Gluten Free, and Organic options, you then get to decide whether you’d like a traditional bowl of ice cream, dessert bars on a stick, or dessert bites covered in chocolate. This company is a dream come true.


In the famous words of Barney, “I could eat a bowl. I could eat a cup. When I get some ice cream, I eat it all up. Eat it with a topping. Eat it all alone. Eat it with some pie, or a triple dipper cone.” No matter how you eat your ice cream or who you indulge with, you can take these suggestions and safely scoop away.  If you have a favorite brand of gluten free ice cream, please dish it, we’d love to hear it. :)

Kara – The Diva Team