Gluten Free Lands on JetBlue Airlines

This week, I flew to TX to visit my family and I’m having an incredible time. As much as I love living in NYC, I feel like my whole world lives in TX (besides my stud of a hubby, of course)…so off I went to get my fill of my Dads laughter, late night talks with my mom, and hugs from the most amazing nieces and nephews an aunt could dream of! So flying has been on my mind since I was stalking the airlines, looking for the best prices.  So while on my hunt, I kept wondering about gluten free options in the air…and get this, Popcorners can be found on ALL Jetblue airlines!! (as well as in stores). Popcorners generously reached out to me a couple months ago to do a review show about their product. And since my shows are mostly interviews now, I wanted to take this time to spotlight Popcorners on the new blog section of the diva show.  I must say it again, Popcorners are available on ALL JetBlue flights. How cool is that?!  I keep thinking about the random person on the plane who is hungry, doesn’t eat gluten free, but gets this bag that says “gluten free” on it…and begins to wonder what that’s all about.  More options for the GF community and every venue that opens up the discussion of what living gluten free means is a step in the right direction. And I also love that it’s an unusual place to see GF. It’s not segregated to a small section of our grocery stores. It tips the scales towards a ‘”normal.” experience in the air =) Fab.

So if you love popcorn, but want to forgo the crumbs and bits that get stuck in you teeth, this chip is all you! In a nutshell, these chips are popcorn that have been turned into chips with subtle bursts of yummy flavor. There are 5 flavors…they are all very different, so you’ll likely find one that fits your fancy.


Kettle: This chip is my favorite flavor. It’s crunchy and sweet. If you love kettle popcorn, you’ll love this flavor

Butter: This is light, crispy, chip reflecting a bag of popcorn with a light buttery taste.

Cheesy Jalapeno: ooooeeeee- this is a strong flavor for me…not my favorite, but I’m betting my TX Daddy would love these. lol. It has a good jalapeno kick, lots of ingredients in this flavor.

White Cheddar: This chip is crispy with the perfect amount of white cheddar added to it, it really is delish.

Sea Salt: What I like about this chip is that it’s only a few ingredients, the oil, the popcorn, and light salt. So if you’re like uncomplicated ingredients and light tastes, this flavor is all you. Light, easy, crispy, and lightly salted.

So if you’re wondering about the gluten free status of this chip:

When I looked at the packaging, my initial reaction was, “where’s the information about if it’s made in a GF facility or on a line with other gluten?” Normally, I immediately put down any product that doesn’t disclose this information on the packaging or on the website. There are too many companies wanting to get into the GF market, but not willing to disclose every last bit of information so that we can make the most informed decisions about our health. So I sent the owner an e-mail, not knowing how this would go down…and much to my delight, he was open, honest, and extremely helpful. The chips are “are manufactured on a dedicated gluten-free line in an isolated section of a large factory.” So yes, other gluten containing products are made, but in a separate part of the complex. And they have been tested, by a third party, for less than 5PPM. He also sent me the test results along with the contact information of the testing lab. I thought this was wonderful. Do I think Popcorners would benefit by having this information on the website so as to squelch out any assumptions? You bet. However, I was very thankful for his openness, his honesty, and willingness to make sure my audience would be not only comfortable with its gluten free status, but that all the information about it was fully disclosed. Bravo, Popcorners!

I’m very excited to know that this chip has hit stores and of course…the skies.

For more information about Popcorners…check out their website…