Gluten Free Restaurants

Gluten Free Restaurants

Eating out, when you’re gluten free, is TOUGH. I have always felt that being diagnosed with celiac disease was a gift. My life before going gluten free was so painful, so black and white. Now, I see color everywhere!! Cheesy? Yes. True? Double yes. :) But for real- SO many others would give anything to be able to heal their bodies, or to be healthy, through a food/lifestyle change. We have that gift. Okay, okay… I’ll confess, I’m not always positive about it. The few times I’ve allllllmost started to feel sorry for myself, was when it came time to socializing and eating out. Buuuuut, after I stepped on my big toe and snapped out of it, I started focusing on how many options we really do have. We’ve come a long way! Now, that being said, do we always need to be vigilant and a little on guard when eating out? Yes. That’s just part of the deal. Don’t complain about it, just roll with it and keep telling restaurants that your gluten free needs exist. And if we all keep doing that, I guarantee that SAFELY eating out, while gluten free, will eventually become a normal event in our lives. So, until that happens, here are my favorite picks for eating out (SAFELY) when it comes to gluten free dining.


1) Five Guys: Snag the burger on a lettuce wrap and savor the fries. This place is amazing. Alert them to change their gloves though. You don’t want wheat (eek) anywhere near your delicious-ness. ;) Here’s the Five Guys Menu

2) BJ’s Brewhouse: This place know what they are doing. They have an extensive menu and are trained well in gluten free dining. Enjoy their salads, pizza and desserts. YUM. Here’s Bj’s GF Menu.

3) PF Changs: Chow down on gluten free Chinese food! They even use red plates to indicate that your food is gluten free. Fabulous. I ALWAYS feel safe eating there. Here’s PF Chang’s GF Menu.

4) Mellow Mushroom: Gluten Free Pizza!!! And it’s really really really good. Here’s Mellow’s GF Menu.

5) Biaggies: This place makes wonderful gluten free Italian food: pastas, pizzas and breads. I adore any chance I get to eat here. It’s a great place for date night. Here’s their GF Menu.

6) Chikfila: You can enjoy their grilled chicken, salads and fries. Perfect for on the go. Just inform them to change their gloves and that you are gluten free. Also, always ask if their fries are made in a dedicated fryer, just to be safe. Here’s their gluten free menu.

7) Maggianos: This Italian restaurant is AMAZING. They are very educated in gluten free dining and I always feel extremely comfortable eating here. Here’s their gluten free menu.

8) In and Out Burger: Gluten Free burgers and fries! They do have wheat buns in the store, but everything else on the menus is gluten free. So snag your burger in a lettuce wrap and you’re good to go. And the fries are made in a fryer with nothing else, so there’s no chance of cross-contamination.

There you have it, those are my favorite picks for gluten free dining. Of course, it must be said, use your own best judgment when dining out, yada yada. ;)

If you have a restaurant that you would consider extremely safe, please dish it!


Lauren Lucille Vasser -”The Celiac Diva”