Gluten Free Shampoo & Conditioner

When I first went gluten free, I got worn out by reading a million labels and wanted someone to just please just tell me what food they ate and products they used so that I didn’t have to think about it, lol.  So, this is the shampoo list for those seeking one less thing to investigate. :)

To those who wonder, “ummm…why do I need gluten free shampoo and conditioner?” Great question. The reason I use gluten free shampoo & conditioner is that it’s really easy to accidentally swallow it while I’m singing at the top of my lungs in a hot shower…oh please, don’t act like you at least don’t hum or something. ;) When it comes to kids, I would absolutely use gluten free topical products, those cutie pies seem to put everything in their mouths. And then of course, many people react topically to gluten, so gluten free shampoo and conditioner is a must. I hope this list is helpful. I truly believe that keeping gluten out of the sanctuary of our home, as much as we can, will aide in our health and peace of mind. And of course, always check the bottle because ingredients are subject to change (I hate that, lol).

 Gluten Free Shampoo & Conditioners:

  • Hugo Naturals: When I contacted Hugo, the rep was very confident about their GF status.
  • Dessert Essence Organics: I can usually find this awesome brand at my health food store.
  • Head Organics- For my hair type- wavy and big, lol, this works well. I snag it off It’s a paraben free line and affordable.
  • Organique- This line paraben and SLS free. All of their gluten free products are clearly labeled. (I use this brand for my massage oil- it’s awesome).
  • Morrocco Method: This is a vegan, raw line of gluten free hair products.
  • Dove:  This is a great go-to when it comes to gluten free hair care because you can snag it anywhere. Always double check the ingredients. But this brand claims that all derivatives of gluten will be clearly labeled if present in the product.
  • Gluten-Free Savonerrie- This is a hypoallergenic hair care line.
  • Suave: They maintain that if a Suave product has any wheat, barley, rye or oats as an ingredient, it will be clearly labeled. So, double check the ingredient list before you snag it.


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  • Costco’s Kirkland brand of Shampoo & Conditioner: I haven’t tried this brand, but I’ve heard awesome things about it. Just an FYI as you make your decisions, I don’t know if it’s processed on shared equipment with gluten or not.
  • Original Sprout: You can order online or in select locations. This line is 100% Vegetarian (Vegan), Free of PhytoEstrogens, Soy, Parabens, Gluten, Dixoanes from Sulfates, Phthalates & Formaldehyde

If you have a GF shampoo or conditioner that you love, please dish it!


Lauren-Lucille Vasser

AKA- The Celiac Diva