Gluten Free Tea

Gluten Free Teas

Gluten Free Tea: Whether an ice cold glass of tea will beat the heat waves of your summer or sippin’ on hot tea suits your fancy, The Celiac Diva Team is brewing up some great tips for your gluten free tea options. Dive into the possibilities below!

20140606_143358Celestial Seasonings – This happens to be one of my personal favorites, offering many flavors and options that are sure to please your palette. One of my favorite things about this company specifically, is that they make it super easy for their customers to know if the tea they are choosing is gluten free or not, as you can see below: Thank you Celestial Seasonings!

20140606_143415Tazo – What a HUGE line of great products to choose from with Tazo. Organic options are available and labeled clearly on the box as “USDA Organic.” According to the friendly and very helpful rep I spoke with, all of their products are gluten free and should have no chance of cross contamination, even during production. From what I was told, the only chance of cross contamination would be in the retail setting, so the chances of gluten contaminates are low. This company provides tea bags, tea concentrate, and K-cups to use with your Keurig.

20140606_143441 (1)Lipton – One of the leading brands in tea is Lipton, which you can find almost anywhere and can also delight in the many different ways to enjoy Lipton tea, such as tea bags, mixes, bottles and more. Their company issues the following statement; “We recommend that you read the label each time before buying our product. If gluten is present, it is clearly listed in plain language on the ingredient label (i.e., wheat flour, rye, barley, oats, and malt).” They were not specific on cross contamination, but if there is no gluten listed on the box, you can be assured that no gluten was added during production.

20140606_143449Bigelow – We know that a product that is gluten free is the most important aspect, but are you also looking for Non-GMO, Organic, Kosher, or All-Natural teas as well? Look no further! Bigelow’s rep excitedly claimed that every single one of their products is gluten free and safe for you to use. There were many options in the store, but also page after page of delicious and satisfying options that you’re sure to love on their website as well.

20140606_143458Numi Organic Tea – Wow! This company gets a BIG THUMB’S UP after researching their tea! Concerned not only with producing pure and organic tea, they are also interested in people and the earth. Their tea is USDA Organic, Certified Fair Trade, Non-GMO, gluten, soy, dairy, and nut free. Numi has taken tea to a whole new level and offers some really cool (or hot J) options, such as Indulgent Tea, which tickled my taste buds combining tea with chocolate for a guilt-free treat. They also offer Savory Tea that packs organic veggies, wild herbs, decaf tea, and aromatic spices to satisfy your tea experience. If those options aren’t wild enough, maybe you’ll be interested in Numi’s Puerh tea, which is known as “The Living Tea” and provides a natural boost of energy. Super impressed with the standards of this company and would highly suggest trying out some interesting and safe options that you’ll find with Numi!

20140606_143512The Republic of Tea – With choices like Oolong, Matcha, Rooibos, and Hibiscus, my mouth waters at the thought of trying this line of tea. All but one of their tea options (coconut cocoa), is gluten free and safe to consume just as they come. You’ll enjoy many “regular” flavors or can indulge in their brand new line of Biodynamic Organic blends that are Kosher Certified, USDA Organic, and gluten free.

20140606_143343Twinings of London – With a trademark phrase “Teas that fit your every mood,” you are sure to find the perfect tea in their wide range of choices. The rep was happy to inform me that Twinings of London delivers tea that is “inherently gluten free and in compliance with FDA’s recently published regulations on gluten standards.”

With all these refreshing options on the brain, this Texas girl is ready to brew away the summer heat with a tall glass of iced tea. We hope you enjoy trying out some of the teas listed above and if you have a favorite tea that you love, feel free to share your top choice with us.

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