Gluten Free Vitamins

When I first went gluten free, hunting through aisles of vitamins looking for the gluten free ones drove me tad bonkers, lol.  So I hope this list makes your gluten free journey a tad bit less hectic…. :)

***My vote for Gluten Free Vitamins is Gluten Free Remedies  ***

Gluten Free Remedies

Additional Gluten Free Vitamin Options:

1) Raw one Vitamins- This line has gluten free, dairy free and soy free options, just double check the label.

2) Country Life- This entire line is certified gluten free!

3) Freeda Vitamins- The entire line is gluten free and vegetarian.

4) Rainbow Light- This line will list “gluten free”  on the label if they can guarantee GF status.

5) Hy-Vee- Here’s a PDF (scroll to bottom) of their Gluten free vitamins

6) Nature’s Bounty- They have listed their gluten free supplements on their website.

7-Puritan’s Pride- They have GF supplements clearly listed their website too, yay.


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Gluten Free Children’s Vitamins for your precious kids

****My vote for Gluten Free Children’s vitamins is Hakuna Matata Children’s Fruit and Veggie chewable Multivitamins

Here are some others to check out:

1) Wegmans Chewable Vitamins- Gluten free and lactose free. This find credited to Celiac Family.

2) Organic Yummi Bears-  GF, Casein free, GMO free, and made in a gluten free facility, LOVE it.

3) Lil Crtitter: Gluten free, dairy free, peanut free and soy free. You find find these at Walmart.

4) Disney Princess Chewable Vitamin according to the awesome Celiac Family.


If you have a gluten free vitamin line that you trust and love, dish it! ;)..thanks for stopping by, it’s such a pleasure to be a part of your journey!

Lauren-Lucille Vasser

AKA- The Celiac Diva

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