Gluten Free Gift Bags

November 15, 2010

A Review of Happy Belly Bags

Rating: 5 Hair Tosses out of 5

Pros: No matter what your dietary needs are, this Eco-friendly company can build a gift basket that caters to them. I love that!! OH- and free shipping? Nice! And I dig that each product is clearly labeled with the gluten and/or allergen information that it’s free of. Very transparent and very fabulous! This is a great gift idea for your gluten free loved one!

Cons: If you really wanted to, yes, you could take this idea and shop for your gluten free loved one on your own. So yes, it can be pricey to go this route, but you’re paying for convenience, specific dietary needs and access to lots of unique products.  The only other challenge I found was that it took me a minute to figure out how to add products to a “build your own bag” on the website, so that may slow someone down when ordering. Other than that, this Diva is a major Happy Belly Bag fan and supporter!