How to turn your BLOG into a BUSINESS

Hi there. :) So… if you’re wondering how to make money off your blog or how to turn your blog into a business, this article is for you. I get tons of valid questions about how my blog became a business, so that’s why I’m rocking this off-topic blog post. Please note that I’m just a girl trying to help the entrepreneurs out there…and/or the people who are ready to rock their dream job, or those who simply bring in a little additional income. There are plenty of people doing a much better job at this than I am, truly, so take in stride the tips that I share… keeping the ones that help you and discarding those that don’t. I just want to encourage you and help anyone I can. Working from home has been such a gift to me…so here are some tips in hopes of passing this gift on to you. Here we go!

1) GETTING STARTED: Pick a catchy, very specific blog name (don’t make your audience guess what your content will be) and get it copyrighted.  Look at other blogs. Don’t copy them.. but what do you like about them? Are the colors bold? Is the website really easy to navigate? Be specific and write down what you like/don’t like and go from there. PS- I use for my blog.

2) LOGO: Make a logo that’s REALLY easy to understand and identify across the room. Get opinions from other people: “what’s your first thought when you see this?” “How does it make you feel?” That’s a BIG one. We are all FEELING creatures who think…  How do you want people to feel when they visit blog? Does this come across in the presentation of your website and logo?

3) CONTENT: Before you can build an audience, you need to put up a good amount of content. Put up 3-5 blog posts, post 3-5 times on facebook, film 5 videos. Post several tweets… even if you don’t have an audience. This let’s people who are interested in following you see what you’re about. PS- stay away from being negative and talking about other people. It breaks trust with your followers and with potential business opportunities. Just say no. Example: When I first started working with Schar… they confided that they spent a good amount of time going through all my tweets, FB posts etc to see what kind of character I had before they approached me. Am I perfect? Yes. Yes of course I am. HAHA!! For real though, I mess up, but I do work hard to keep my tone respectful when interacting in the social media realm. People and businesses are watching you! Dress and act like the job you want, not the one you have.


  1. Facebook: Set a daily budget (even if it’s $10 a month) and start a facebook ad. (try a lot of different ads/do your research on them- they are a very valuable tool). As per content on facebook- 80% of your content is about your audience. 20% about you. Don’t just talk about you, make sure content about THEM. Ask yourself (or better yet, ask them!) what they need.
  2. Twitter: Do 5 tweets a day using hastags
  3. Instagram: Put up photos, use hastags and follow those accounts and people you admire
  4. Pinterest: Be creative in your boards, think about your audience, use the key words people may search for.
  5. Email List: Make sure you have one! This is direct access to your audience. I use for my email lists.
  6. PS- When the critics start coming out of the woodwork, keep chugging, that means you’re really getting somewhere!
  7. Here are a few examples of blogs that are rocking the biz side of blogging:
    1. Stockpiling moms
    2. Dooce
    3. The Pioneer Woman

5) MAKING MONEY: Truth time. It took me a year of hard work, interacting with everyone I could and 10,000 fans on facebook before I made my first $1.Once you have an audience, people will start approaching you about doing free reviews, etc. DO THIS for a while. It gives you content (always ask if they will tweet and FB your review out), exposure and trust with your audience. Then, when you are ready, change your”I’ll be happy to review your products” page on your blog to “I’m thrilled to promote products that I love, prices start at ____, please email me to discuss.”

  1. If you’re not good at standing your ground about prices, then go in with a friend. Have them run that aspect of it and get a cut of the revenue.
  2. Be creative in generating revenue and what you can offer those who want to do business with you: offer sponsorships (After a trial 1 month sponsorship, have them sign on for 3/6/9 months- recurring income is key), giveaways, product placements on your website, promotions through your email list… The sky is the limit in your creativity.


If you’d like to hear more… here’s a video I did on my iphone…

Don’t let fear or insecurity hold you back. YOU CAN DO THIS!!  :)

Lauren Lucille
“The Celiac Diva”

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