Meet The Diva Team

LAUREN LUCILLE VASSER (The Celiac Diva)  “I’m Lauren, CEO of The Celiac  Diva, living in Colorado Springs, CO. I’m a Christian, a wife, mom to Josiah, a professional singer and actress (AEA) and co-hostess for Schar’s online “Better Without” series.  I’ve been gluten free since March 18th, 2010, my healing birthday. I started “The Celiac Diva” after I realized I wanted a place where I could surround myself with a community of support and information..with a side of sass. ;) I won’t say I never dreamed that this “blog turned business” would ever be what it is today, because I did. But what I will say, is that’s it’s all due to God’s grace and my amazing team.” -Lauren-Lucille PS- don’t forget to join me on Twitter and Instagram. :)

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JAMES GARNER (Diva Business Manager) The Diva Team brought James and his company on to head up our partner sponsor relationships and ad sales.  He also handles all aspects of Diva E-products including the Diva Gluten Free Directory.  His company Nine Finger Media specializes in digital marketing and sales with an emphasis in the Gluten Free Market.  He can often be found roaming the mountains of Colorado on his bike or snowboard.


MELISSA HOUDMAN (Social Media Manager) “My life changed on January 26, 2006. I had been experiencing moderate bouts of anaphylaxis for several months, but couldn’t figure out what was causing the allergic reaction. My allergist conducted a prick test and pinpointed an allergy to wheat, rye, barley, and oats. Since a gluten “allergy” is very rare, he suggested a Celiac test and (thankfully) that came back as negative. I had never heard of the gluten free diet and gluten free items were not mainstream yet, but I went off gluten “cold turkey” the moment I left the allergist office. To this day, if I eat gluten, I can feel the reaction in my throat within a few seconds. My diet mostly consists of naturally gluten free food, but I do love an occasional gluten free chocolate chip cookie! I live in beautiful Colorado Springs and work full-time in ministry with my husband. I enjoy hiking, driving 4×4 trails, knitting, and playing with my German Shepherd dog named Parker. It is my goal to help the readers of The Celiac Diva live a successful and healthy gluten free lifestyle. I’m here to support you!”  -Melissa

KARA DENNIS (Gluten Free Research and Blog Writer) My entire life changed for the better in July of 2009 when a dear friend invited us over for our first gluten free meal. To be honest, we weren’t so sure of the gluten free lifestyle, but my health was not good and I had no idea why. I was exhausted by 10 every morning, had no energy and felt very clouded in my thinking. I didn’t realize gluten was making me sick! Our entire family has been gluten free ever since that night and we are all now living a WONDERFUL, healthy life!  I am lucky to be married to my best friend Chad and we have 3 beautiful children together. I love to sing, read inspirational books, run, travel, and spend time with my family. I’m a Texas girl at heart, but hope to one day transfer our family to the mountains where we LOVE to retreat to. God is good and I’m so thankful to be a vessel on this journey with you! – Kara Dennis


“We are here to cheer you on in your gluten free journey!” -The Diva Team