My 30 Day Vegan Trial

****Sending a shout out to my AMAZING sponsors: Chebe Mixes and Sahale Snacks.****

After the Show thoughts: While being a vegan isn’t a good fit for me right now, it was a cool experience. By the way, in the show, I mentioned that I started bruising (which I always do when my iron is low). This confused me because I know that getting iron from plant based foods can be more than sufficient for vegans. So I mentioned this to my doctor afterwards and he said that “while meat may not be a high source of iron, it is an extremely absorbable one.” Light bulb, I got it. Thus, since I’m still on the boat sailing towards “All healed up” Island, this may be why it wasn’t a good fit for me, my body is still struggling with absorption issues.

Conclusion: If you get the go ahead from a doctor or dietitian and you’re wondering if you can feel even better than you do, try mixing up your diet (in addition to being GF) for 30 days. You may discover it’s not a good fit for you, or you may find that you feel wonderful rocking out a vegen, paleo, grain free, dairy free, or soy free diet etc. Whatever makes you feel like your best self on all levels is the ultimate deciding factor for changes like this. And while trying different options may be a pain in the tooshy, for many people, this pain in the tooshy trial has led to a life where they finally have the perfect equation to feeling amazing.

Anyone else tried eating vegan or curious to try it?

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