Q&A with Dr. Shikhman

As a part of The Celiac Diva show, blog and the craziness I do around here, healing and hope are always on the front of my radar when it comes to what I feature. I want you all to feel the best you can and feel as hopeful as you can about your gluten free life. So this 2nd Q&A with the brilliant Dr. Shikhman is a perfect fit (If you missed his first Q&A with us…please click here to view it). Dr. Shikhman has been gluten free 8 years, is a board certified in internal medicine and rheumatology, founder of the Institute for Specialized Medicine in San Diego, CA and Gluten Free Remedies. Gluten Free Remedies is an incredible line of gluten free vitamins and minerals.  Enjoy!

Q&A With Dr. Shikhman:

1) Many people who live with Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. For those who have already done GF and are still dealing with this, what vitamin or mineral deficiency should they be tested for, in the event that a malabsorption issue is causing this pain?

There are no tests available that can assess the connection between malabsorption and mental status. However, patients who are dealing with depression and anxiety may benefit from testing the neurotransmitter metabolites in their urine. Several of our supplements can help with anxiety and depression. These included magnolia bark extract, rhodiola, eleutherococcus, DMAE and acetyl-L-carnitine.

2) Recently, you sent me your magnesium malate supplement (thank you so much, love it!). Why have you chosen to use this form of magnesium (malate) in your line of Gluten Free Remedies? Is magnesium malate the most absorbable kind of magnesium?

Most of the magnesium salts with the exception of magnesium oxide are absorbed well. Gluten-Free Remedies prefers magnesium malate because the malate portion supplies energy pathways to the muscles.

3) What symptoms would suggest a magnesium deficiency?

Muscle cramps, calcium deposits in the joints, tremors and hypertension

4) Many Celiacs, like yours truly, are working hard to reverse osteoperosis and osteopenia due to a malabsoprtion of Calcium before we were diagnosed. Is one type of calcium more absorbable than others?

Even if you do not have celiac disease, you can absorb only so much calcium from your gut. Gluten-Free Remedies prefers calcium lactate because this is the only calcium salt which was shown to slow down bone resorption (where bone is broken down faster than it can be renewed). In addition, the lactate portion stimulates growth of healthy gut bacteria. If you are dealing with osteoporosis, you need to take enough vitamin D, magnesium as well as strontium.

5) {Getting to know you} What’s your favorite gluten free breakfast?

Gluten-free certified oatmeal.

6) For your patients that have gone gluten free, what’s the one mistake you don’t want to see them make?

Do not be paranoid that a gluten free diet/life style will make you socially unacceptable.

Thanks so much to Dr. Shikhman for taking the time to share these with us!  To learn more about Dr. Shikhman and his line of Gluten Free Remedies, please click here. Have a rocking week everyone. Be kind to yourself.


Lauren-Lucille Vasser

AKA-The Celiac Diva