Letting Go…

I have to confess that I’ve been struggling with a certain relationship in my life that drives me just plain nuts. That’s right, this happy chick has plenty of issues too. ;) This person and I are going to be connected for a long time, so I’m going to have to change my tactic because I can’t change this person. If I could, that would be amazing though. lol. (Note: The hubbs wants it on the record that it’s not him). ;) Okay, back to you. I know that many of you have gone gluten free and feel pretty alone. I hear about it on my facebook page and it breaks my heart. Life is tough enough without people challenging your choice to get your body as healthy as possible. You may feel alone because people didn’t understand how sick you were, didn’t believe you or they don’t really understand what being gluten free is all about. And it can drive you just plain BATTY. It can even make you daydream about that “perfectly poised comeback.” In essence, being upset with people can waste a lot of your energy and stress you out. It certainly does for me.

I’m coming to realize that at the core of the issue is that I truly care if someone respects me or not. I want people to believe that living gluten free is as important as it really is. That when I’m talking about cross-contamination, I’m not being paranoid, I’m being smart. I want people to think my choice to do singing/songwriting in my life is awesome, not that it’s some wishful thinking of an artist. I value the calling on my life and I respect this crazy disease. And if others think living gluten free isn’t vital to my health or that my life as an artist isn’t respectable, it can throw me off. Correction: I let it throw me off.

Somewhere in there we have to take responsibility for how we let others make us feel about ourselves. We have to ask “why does it matter so much?” Deep down, do we desire respect? Approval? A need for acceptance? What, in our hearts, allows anyone to make us feel anything anything other than the cool chicks (and the occasional cool dude who reads my blog) that we are? I think once we nail down what that is, we can truly let toxic people go in our lives. We can look at the person who gossips about us at work, is rude to us at the grocery store, doesn’t approve of us or makes comments about how we eat like a picky 2 year old…and just let them go. Once we nail down what we are seeking in our lives, for me it’s respect (somewhere deep down I know it’s tied to being super short & having a kid like voice, LOL), we can work towards giving that to ourselves. Because that certain person in your life is NOT going to give it to you. And once we accept that, letting go can be even easier. Do I have it down perfectly? Nope, not even close. But I just want to encourage all of you struggling with this aspect of your gluten free life, or life in general, to look in the mirror and find out what you are seeking and give that gift to yourself. Then strut your cute self back into the world with your heart full. It’s true that we can’t control people, but we can control how we see ourselves. After all, if your great Aunt Ida or second cousin removed doesn’t totally get you, that’s fine. What’s most important is that you do.

Lauren-Lucille Vasser
AKA- The Celiac Diva