Subway: NEW Gluten Free sandwiches

When I first heard that Subway would be testing out gluten free sandwiches, I was initially concerned. Could they keep us safe from cross-contamination? However, after meeting Mr. Dalton, (Subway owner, rep and developer in Dallas, TX) I’m just plain excited for the gluten free community. :) And yes, it’s true that each store will have to properly train it’s employees to keep us safe. And it’s true that a teen who could care less about us will be thoughtless and cause a major issues. However, we honestly take this risk every time we eat out…and in what other restaurant can we actually watch the food preparation process!? I dig that.

My goal while visiting gluten free Subways will be to watch the sandwich prep and be willing to both speak up if I see an issue as well as thank the management for offering this choice for us. You can currently find gluten free Subway sandwiches in the Dallas, Texas and Portland, Oregon areas. Soon, they will be expanding to Tacoma, Washington and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Sooooo…. do you want gluten Free Subway sandwiches to come your way?