Gluten Free Cookies

November 22, 2010

A Review of Sweet Cake Bake Shop

Diva Hubby Rating: 5 Hair Tosses out of 5

Pros: Since my main concern is gluten free safety, I’m a fan of this bakery.  I love that the founder has Celiac. For me, when the founder of a company has issues with gluten, I know they get what “gluten free” really embodies. I feel strongly that the customer for this company is a person who wants gluten free sweets that taste just as good, if not way better, than their previous gluten eating days. The portions are HUGE and they smelled as fresh as could be. Aaaaaand you can order them online! My hubby can testify that they taste as fresh as if you’d snagged them in person.

Cons: I’m so sorry I didn’t show you all the cookies up close! AHHH!! Major con right there. Okay, so I won’t lie, it bothers me that the nutrition and ingredient information isn’t available on the website. I feel that when you have a product that caters to a specific niche of people who can’t have a certain food, that same group usually wants to know exactly what’s in the product, it builds trust. And additionally, since those with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, or gluten allergies often have many other food intolerance’s in addition to the sans gluten life style, this is important to me.  However, for those who are solely gluten free, it’s no secret that this treat is a home run.