Gluten Free Lipstick from Red Apple

Us Chicks eat over a pound of lipstick a year from our luscious lips. Isn’t that crazy?! So, if there’s gluten in your lipstick, then you’re inevitably eating a little gluten each day. Booo. Finding fabulous gluten free lipstick would be a mini-crises if there weren’t some awesome options, such as Red Apple Lipstick! You guys, Red Apple Lipstick is AMAZING! I won’t lie, I honestly squealed when I tried on the red color. It’s truly the perfect red lipstick.

Here are a few highlights about Red Apple Lipstick:

*Red Apple Lipsticks test at 0PPM for the presence of gluten. Love that.

*All Red apple products are not only gluten free, but paraben free.

*They have a 100% money back guarantee.

*They offer free shipping and ship really quick.

*The glosses are $18.50 and the Lipsticks are $17.50


Here’s a run down of how the lipsticks and lip glosses look on me. Granted, I’m no lip model, lol, so bare with me. ;)

This is the Ruby Slippers Lipstick and Ruby Glass Lipgloss. If you dig shimmer and color, but don’t want your lip to be too dark, this combo is all you. My mom tried on this combination, she has fair skin, and it looked really great on her.



Here I am rocking the “Wonderland” Lipgloss. It’s shiny, silky smooth, moisturizing and perfect by itself or on top of other colors. And oh yes, it will totally be living in my purse. :)






Here’s the Bridesmaid Lip gloss. I LOVE pink. So it’s really cool that you can get a pink shimmer with this bright gloss. Another combination I tried was the Crush On Me Lipstick with this gloss for even stronger “hot pink”  look. Awesome.



Here I am wearing the Crush on Me Lipstick I just mentioned. It’s a lovely pink color. I think I secretly hoped it was an even hotter pink.  But that being said, I do feel it was accurately represented via the pic on the website.  In fact, I felt the website did a great job of showing the colors.






WOW. My jaw dropped when I put the Red! Lipstick on. It’s AMAZING. It’s bright, strong, bold and just divine. I have finally found my perfect red lipstick and I could not be more thrilled. For a bold shimmer, I put on the Ruby Glass Gloss. I LOVE THIS COLOR!!! Love. Love. Love.



After checking out all these colors, I will totally be rocking Red Apple Lipsticks.  This company covers a lot a awesome shades. The only thing I’d put on my wish list is a really hot pink lipstick color. But that’s because I’m crazy and like everything bright…like Christmas lights bright, lol. But truly, this company has lovely colors, great shimmer, great customer service and great pricing. I can tell from my interaction with them that they are passionate about their company and being gluten/ paraben free- I’m digging that. Hope you all enjoy snagging some fab colors for the holidays! Special thanks to Red Apple for sending me all these colors. It was really fun to play dress up…guess I’ll just have to do it all over again tomorrow. :) PS- You can connect with Red Apple Via: Red Apple’s Website, Facebook and Twitter.


Lauren-Lucille Vasser

AKA- The Celiac Diva