Way Better Snacks: The Fab Sprouted Chips

If your lips haven’t met Way Better Snacks chips, it’s time to change that asap. I feel like I have been so missing out!! But not anymore. These chips are delicious and get this… healthy. Allow me to introduce you:

Fun Facts about Way Better Chips:

  • Certified gluten free
  • Sprouted (more on that in a minute)
  • Non-GMO Project Verfiied
  • Most of the ingredients are certified organic
  • Lots of Omega-3′s in the chips due to the seeds
  • Also made in a nut free facility
  • Certified Kosher
  • No preservatives or fillers
  • All ingredients are sourced in America

The Flavors are:

  • Simply Sunny Multi-Grain
  • Simply Beyond Black Bean
  • Simply Sweeet Potato
  • Simply Unbeatable Blues
  • Simply So Sweet Chili
  • Naked No Salt Blues

Why are they HEALTHY?!?

Because they are packed with ingredients such as: flax seeds, quinua, radish seeds, chia seeds, broccoli, corn and black beans. The best part of these ingredients is that they are sprouted.

What does SPROUTED mean?

I had honestly not thought much about “sprouting” until I was introduced to Way Better Snacks. Okay, let’s be honest, I had no clue what it was. ;) After some quick schooling, I learned that sprouting is amazing! In short, when we eat certain seeds, like flax seeds, they often pass through our system. Why? Because they have hard shells that keep them protected in nature. Which means they are really really hard to digest. Thus, when we eat them, they often pass straight through us. So, we don’t get all the nutritional benefits that seeds would love to offer us. To remedy this, Way Better has all their ingredients sprouted. Sprouting creates enzymes which start the seed on its way to becoming a plant and allows us to take full advantage of the nutritional benefits of the seeds…   Here’s a short video explaining it.

Sprouting Benefits:

  • Increased Vitamins and Minerals
  • In flaxseed, vitamins can increase 600% when compared to unsprouted flaxseed.
  • Increased Antioxidants
  • Increased Nutrient Absorption
  • Helps neutralize and remove waste from the body
  • Enzymes can increase as much as 800%
  • The SGS (that’s the good stuff!) in Broccoli seeds is up to 50 times higher than in mature broccoli

Since I became such a fan, I’m currently an ambassador for Way Better Snacks. This means I’ll be sharing some cool facts about them and rocking a huge giveaway this fall. Holla. :) I think what made me the most excited about these chips is that the nutrients are easily digested. For most of us with Celiac Disease, a lack of absorption has been a huge problem. So, when a product comes along that supports us in our journey to absorb the good stuff, it makes me extremely grateful. Hope you all have a wonderful week. Thanks tons for stopping by!!


Lauren-Lucille Vasser

AKA- The Celiac Diva