Gluten Free Bronzers and Tanning Lotions

Gluten Free Tanning Lotion and Gluten Free Bronzers- By Kara from The Diva Team

Hello summer! Hello sexy glow! With summer time here, we’ve shed our coats and snow gear only to unveil the winter ghost in all of us! If you’re looking to enhance your skin’s color this season, this is certainly the post for you. Finding multiple options for gluten free bronzers in your local Walgreen’s or grocer might not be as easy as you think, so if you’re interested in a safer way to darken your tan, check out the bronzers we came across below.

”There is no gluten in the Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning gel, lotion, or mist,” claimed the L’oreal rep. Since all three of the following products do not contain gluten, you are free to pick and choose to your heart’s content. Natural-looking, long-lasting glow is what you’ll get with any of these three products!

Neutrogena – Neutrogena’s rep claims that their micro-mist product has no added gluten or gluten containing grains included in the ingredients. “We like to tell you that even though we have not added any gluten, we also do not test for the presence of gluten in the final product, and therefore it could contain traces of gluten at the end of production,” she added. This spray tan covers evenly, dries in 5 minutes, and works at any angle for those hard to reach areas. This product is oil-free, non-comedogenic, and comes in two different colors: medium and deep. You can find a coupon for $1 off this product HERE. An added bonus!

Too Faced Royal Oil Coconut Oil Body Bronzer - The kind rep at Too Faced claims that this product is formulated without gluten. To top it off, those of you vegans out there will be pleased to know that it is safe for you as well! This bronzing oil not only absorbs quickly to give your skin a warm glow, but will also protect against harsh environmental factors. You can also get excited about the versatility of this body bronzer. It can be combed through the ends of your hair to protect against drymends that tend to come from long days at the salty or chlorinated pool! I love when products have multiple uses!

Vita Liberata - The Sephora rep suggested the entire Vita Liberata line, as they are all gluten free.  You have several choices to choose between; from a tinted self-tan lotion, to a 2-3 week tan mousse, to an untinted self-tan lotion. Your choices are limitless, thanks to Vita! Whether you’re looking  for a long-lasting bronzer, or a golden bronze tan that last 7 days and locks moisture in for 72 hours, the Vita Liberata line is safe to use and is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates. Transform your skin safely for the summer with this great product!

South Seas – Beautifully bronzed skin is just a pump away with South Seas Island Glow Body Bronzer. According to the very friendly rep, the South Seas bronzer is gluten, DHA, and paraben free, plus it is made with all natural products. This soothing, streak-free formula features extracts of horse chestnut and gingko biloba. High in antioxidants, it protects and repairs the skin while helping it look toned and flawless.

Bath & Body Works True Blue – Most of us love (or have loved) a trip to Bath and Body Works, as there are scents galore to tickle your fancy in lotions, soaps, perfumes, and yes, even tanning lotions. The Bath and Body Works rep couldn’t offer an “official” gluten free statement, as products could obtain trace amounts of gluten during production. This particular product does not contain gluten specific ingredients, but does include soy bean oil, which has a high probability of cross contamination during harvest. If you’re severely allergic to any traces of gluten, you might want to choose one of the other great options listed here.

Happy tanning!

Kara (Diva Team)