Gluten Free Hair Dye

If you’re looking for gluten free hair dye, this post is all you. For those who have Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance and wonder why I’d do a post about gluten free hair color, here we go. :) There’s a certain group of people who react topically to gluten on their skin, so GF topical products are a must. There’s also a group of people who have the topical form of Celiac Disease (DH) and often react to topical gluten. Then, there’s a group of people who keep it off their skin because they feel the skin can absorb gluten or they don’t want to accidentally ingest it.

For me, over a year ago, I had my hair dyed and got sick almost immediately for a week. I felt soooooo weird, odd, strange and sick. In an effort to see if I was nuts, I did it again 6 weeks later and felt just as bad for over a week. Can I explain how my body absorbed the gluten if Celiac experts say it’s not possible? Nope. I’m not totally convinced they are correct… But what I can tell you is that those hair products contained gluten and that I reacted violently both times. So for me, it’s topical gluten free hair dye forever and always. :) Plus, many GF hair products are much less toxic and more natural. I dig that. No toxins, no sickness, sign me up.

1) EcoColors – These colors are gluten free, sulfate free and paraben free. This line of permanent gluten free hair colors may be found at salons. But you can also order them online, they are available in 15 colors.

2) Loreal Superior Preference: This is a permanent color available in 47 shades and it lasts up to 8 weeks. It can be found at Walmart, CVS, Target,, Sears and more.

3) Morrocco Method: This is a gluten free, vegan, raw, all natural line of henna hair color that can be ordered online. I have tried this color and I won’t lie, it was pretty messy and the smell was extremely potent. The color turned out pretty good, it really conditioned my hair. They have some really cool products and I love knowing that when I use them, nothing toxic is getting on my body.

4) Wella Professionals: This is a color used in salons. Please be aware they don’t add gluten to any of their coloring products, but can’t guarantee trace amounts won’t be present from the manufacturing process.


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5) Aveda: All of their hair dye lines including their Permanent, Demi-permanent (called a deposit line) and Deep Line of hair color for those with dark colors have no gluten is added. Please be aware that many of their other products do contain gluten.

6) Garnier Fructis: All Garneir Fructis hair color lines have no gluten added. This includes the Nutisse, Nutrisse Ultra-Color, Herbashine and Nutrisse Nourishing Color foam. You can find these lines at Walmart, CVS, Duane Reade, K-Mart, Target and Walgreens.

7) Redken: They have 12 professional hair coloring lines. Wowsers. Which means you need to call their hotline (1-800-423-5280), or better yet, have your stylist call a couple of days before your appt to see if the particular shade and line that your stylist uses is gluten free.  While on the phone with them, the one line (that is for darkening hair) that they knew was gluten free was The “Shades DQ Cream.” The “Shades DG gloss” HAS gluten added, but the “Shades DG Cream” line is gluten free. The Fusion Line of Redken also HAS GLUTEN IN IT.

8) Splat Hair Color: Splat does not contain any gluten. If you want to dye your hair pink, blue, red or any other wild color, this is your product line :) You can find it at Walgreens, CVS, HEB and more.

***Note Worthy: Clairol could not confirm gluten free status based on fragrances in the products. All Revlon lines of hair color (AKA- Color Silk) contain gluten and John Frieda would not commit to be gluten free or gluten filled, I’d stay away.***

That wraps up this post. Thanks tons for stopping by!


Lauren-Lucille Vasser

AKA- The Celiac Diva