Gluten Free Hairspray

Let’s talk gluten free hairspray. One question you may have is: “should I use gluten free hairspray? Sounds kinda nutty to me.” lol, I won’t lie, it does sound extreme unless… some people react topically to gluten (ex: it really irritates my eyes), and some people live with DH (the topical form of Celiac Disease). For these 2 groups of people, gluten free hairspray is a must. That leads us to the 3rd group. What if you have gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease and have been told that you shouldn’t worry about topical products?  To you, I’ll share this: I’d like to present another point of view, then you can take that information and make the decision you feel is best for you.

Every time we spray down our luscious locks, we inevitably inhale a little hairspray and whatever ingredients it’s made of. Ready for my dramatic analogy? :) None of us would spray a product with rat poison in it. Why? We wouldn’t want to accidentally ingest it and we know that could easily happen. For me, the same concept applies to gluten. It’s poison to us, so I steer clear. Every opportunity I have to eliminate the possibility of ingesting gluten, I snag it. For me, this is one more way to insure that I’m headed towards the healthiest version of myself. Plus, there are tons of gluten free hairsprays….Inhale away! (Just teasing)

Gluten Free Hairsprays:


Paul Mitchell: The following Paul Mitchell hairsprays are gluten free: Worked Up, Hold Me Tight, Freeze and Shine, 80% & 55% voc, Soft Spray, 80% & 55% voc  and the Modern Elixirs Illuminating Shine Spray. They were quick about getting their gluten free list to me, I dig that.

Chi: According to the rep, most of the Chi hairsprays are gluten free. Please be advised the whole line is not gluten free, but the many of the hairsprays are. So double check the ingredients and when in doubt, call their customer service to double check.


Sebastian: This entire line of hair products are gluten free! ….this is making me so happy.  Now all I need is a piece of chocolate and we’re good to go.


Bed Head: The Maxed out and Head Rush Hairspray are gluten free.


Loreal Studio Hairspray: The Elnett Satin Hairspray: Mega Hairspray, the Vivepro Glossy Style, non- aerosol lines of L’Oreal are all gluten free.


Tresemme: The Extra Firm Control, the  non aerosol Extra firm control, Mega Firm Control, ( so #3,4,5), Natural Finishing non-aerosol spray and the Smooth Frizz Shield are all gluten free. The company representative shared that if any gluten derivative is in a Tresemme product, it will be clearly labeled.


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Dove: According to the Dove representative, all the Dove hairsprays are gluten free. If for any reason, gluten is present or the ingredients change, gluten will be clearly labeled. Fab.

Rave: All Rave hairsprays are gluten free. The company generously disclosed that if gluten is present, it will be clearly labeled. Also, please keep an eye out for an ingredient called cetyl alcohol, which if present, could be derived from gluten.

Suave: According to the rep, all Suave hairsprays are gluten free. However, the company maintains that if gluten is present, which is possible, it will be clearly labeled. So just double check your label. Also, they ask us keep an eye out for an ingredient called cetyl alcohol, which if present, could be derived from gluten.

This is the statement from Vo5Our VO5 hairsprays do not contain gluten. Many of our personal care products do not directly contain wheat, rye, barley, oat or spelt.  However, we cannot guarantee that they do not contain trace amounts of these ingredients from other products or other production lines within the same manufacturing facility.

Garneir Fructis: All the Garneir Fructis hairsprays are gluten free. I use this brand for my hairspray and I love it. Well, love may be a strong word, let’s say I’m a big fan. ;)

Aubrey Organics: The Hairsprays are not only gluten free, but organic as well. I dig that.


Head Organics: This hairspray is gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free and certified organic. (I use this line for shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner).

Finesse: The Finesse representative said the entire Finesse line is gluten free. Loving that!


The following Product lines either contain gluten, or say it may be present in their fragrances of their hairspray: Nexxus: (Most of their products contain wheat. The representative was very helpful though. She said if there is any derivative of gluten, it will be clearly listed on the bottle), Big Sexy, Aussie (Aussie can’t guarantee their hairsprays are gluten free due to the fragrances),Fat Hair and Herbal Essence (gluten is not directly added to Herbal Essence, , but could be present in the fragrances).

Thanks so much for stopping by! If you have a gluten free hairspray you love, please dish it!  And of course, I must add that ingredients are subject to change or I could have made a mistake, so please double check the ingredients. If you’d like to get  an e-mail when new show/posts go up, you can sign up for the Diva Email Here.


Lauren-Lucille Vasser

AKA- The Celiac Diva. ;)