Gluten-Free Chestnut Cake With Coconut Whipped Cream

Yesterday’s market was in the spirit of chestnuts and pumpkins. An older woman selling products from her small garden was standing out between the sellers. She was full of energy and eloquence. I left the market with a bag full of goodies, and I used one of them to make this cake.

In the corpus, you will find homemade chestnut puree, dark chocolate, and a minimum of flour. Almost fatless gluten-free chestnut cake with coconut whipped cream – this healthy dessert perfectly completes your Sunday lunch.



  • ​3 eggs
  • 50g cane sugar (if you use the bought puree, 20 g sugar is enough)
  • 100g of dark chocolate
  • 90g almond or coconut butter
  • 30g Dutch cocoa (you can also use unroasted cocoa or carob)
  • 10g coconut flour
  • 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate
  • 150g chestnut puree of edible chestnuts (you can use bought or make homemade)

Cream & Topping

  • 400 ml coconut milk (if you do not mind lactose, I recommend mixing 500 g mascarpone with a spoon of ground vanilla and 2 PL of cane sugar instead of coconut milk)
  • dark chocolate or grated chestnut puree for decoration

How to Bake this gluten-free Chestnut Pie

Prepare the dough first.

Melt the dark chocolate in the water bath, mix and let cool for a while at room temperature. Meanwhile, whisk the eggs with sugar into a thick mixture with a mixer.

Add the cooled chocolate to the egg mixture, add almond or coconut butter, cocoa, coconut flour, and sodium bicarbonate and mix gently.

Finally, add the chestnut puree and mix.Pour into a cake or other round form that we previously greased with coconut grease and sprinkled with grated coconut—Bake at ​3​50 ​‎°F  (175 °C) for approximately 20 minutes.

Let the dough cool down and prepare whipped cream in the meantime.

Squeeze the hardened portion of coconut milk (a tip on making homemade coconut whipped cream below) into a bowl and whisk with a blender. If you find the whipped cream ​not sweet enough, you can add vanilla sugar.

Then spread it on the dough and sprinkle it with chocolate. If you have a chestnut puree, grate it on top of the chocolate, and voila! Chestnut cake is born, and you can receive ovations for your culinary art.

Homemade coconut whipped cream

You can make homemade whipped cream from coconut milk without adding any ingredients. The trick is to keep a can of milk in the refrigerator overnight and only take it out when you need it. So if it is time for the filling, open the can and scoop the solidified portion into a bowl. You will have water at the bottom, do not add it to the bowl. Alternatively, you can add a few tablespoons of the coconut is hard to whip. Then whisk the mixer and homemade coconut whipped cream is born!

The Celiac Diva

I am Betty Lewis, the Celiac Diva. I've been living a healthy Gluten-free life since 2000. I am happy wife and loving mother to two beautiful children, and yes we all live a gluten-free lifestyle. I love writing, fashion, cooking and eating healthy.

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